In 95% of the case I have no idea of what charachter I will be until I become it.

Since I don’t plan I also had no idea how many of the characters I did was female, male, undefined/other and so on.

So, after a quick check, here are some statistics of the 266 charachters I did so far:

Male: 63
Female: 131
Undefined/other: 60

Animals: 18
With guests (human, dog or cat): 15
Creatures/monsters/unknown beings: 45

Food: 2
Film & TV: 30
Art: 14
Music, pop & rock: 16
Professions: 8
Literature: 7
Internet and media: 6
Religion: 7

Other famous historical people: 13
Characters with a political statement: 8

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Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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