365 Masquerades – The book

This book is the ultimate, beautiful summary of everything that was 365 Masquerades.

The book is filled to the brim with:

  • All of the 365 characters
  • Extra material: thoughts, anecdotes, photos and so on
  • Chapters about the two 365 Masquerades live performances, the nightclub and the 365 Masquerades art exhibition
  • Prologue – an introduction to the ideas behind the project and how it affected the life of the artist – Read it here
  • Epilogue
  • Hundreds of drawings and other illustrations
  • Artist bio
  • And more…

220 pages

7×7 inches (18×18 cm)

Printed on semi-matte, thin photo paper in full color

Avaliable with soft or hard cover, your choice

Also avaliable as e-book


Order your book HERE!

365 Masquerades
365 Masquerades
Every day is a masquerade
By Gisela Fleischer

Released in May 2015.

Layout and content (illustrations, photos and texts) by Gisela Fleischer

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