Some thoughts on creativity and the creative process

Some thoughts on creativity and the creative process.

I just bought 150 wooden barbecue sticks. I just saw them while buying food and immediately the thought in my head was: I wonder what I can make out of these.

So, I still don’t know. But I’m gonna start on them now.

Most of the things I do are process focused and the drive is creative problem solving. The result is sometimes surprising, never expected but most important: it’s not the most important thing.

Trying to control or plan the outcome of a creative process is not only nearly impossible for me, it would also be a huge kill of lust.

It’s natural for me to work like this also in this 365 Masquerades project of mine. This is why I always answer the same thing when asked the question “How do you come up with all your costume ideas?” (which is a FAQ):

I HAVE NO IDEA. It’s like trying to explain miles of associational thoughts from hours or years back.

Anyone recognise this? Or not, at all?

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