Day 283


Today is World Mental Health Day. A lot of people out there have a neuropsychiatric disorde and the stigma surrounding it must stop. The silence must be broken, the knowledge increased. The understanding of the struggles of mental illness must improve.

My “disorder” is a real struggle, but it’s also a gift. It allows me to make 365 Masquerades. I’m convinced I could NEVER do this without my “disorder”. I’m 33 and I got diagnosed as late as this year, during this project, #onDay136.

This mask is my own interpretation of how it feels to have the specific disorder that I have. This is my brain 24/7. Extreme creativity, thinking outside the box and being extremely efficient (this was a 30 min mask) – and a struggle to do “normal” things such as cleaning, concentrating, planning, focusing combined with frustration, exhaustion, enormous changes of mood and energy levels.

Do you like 365 Masquerades? Thank my chaotic brain for it! I do, sometimes. Can you guess which one I have?

About Gisela

Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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4 Responses to Day 283

  1. idan says:

    Den här masken är helt jävla fantastisk!

  2. Johan says:

    Tack för du belyser psykiska störningar och liknande problem. Tack för att du pratar om dess stigma. Det betyder väldigt mycket för mig när jag får se sånt här. Och din mask är grym. Följer din maskerad slaviskt.

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