Project summary: Press, 2014

Dear everyone. To wrap up 365 Masquerades I’m posting summaries of voices about the project from press, blogs and social media. To see all post on this matter, see the post-project tag.

During 2014 I was a bit overwhelmed by the response I got from the press. The project appeared in local and national newspapers, several times in national radio and local radio and as a grande finale on national television.

Here is a summary of the press posts and interviews.

January 22:
Interview in City Malmö (local street paper)


January 25:
Big article in Skånska Dagbladet (local newspaper)


January 30:
Special program on 365 Masquerades in Interview show in Rakt på sak on K103 (the student radio in Gothenburg)

July 11:
Live interview. on P4 Malmö. Photos from the studio here.

August 12:
Big article in Sydsvenskan with front page of the culture’s section. See more here.


August 23:
Live radio interview on P4 Extra (Swedish national radio).


September 8:
Big picture, short comment in City Malmö (local street paper).


October 20:
Shorter article and interview on the fact that 365 Masquerades will be exhibited in an art gallery in April-May 2015. Sydsvenskan.

December 16:
Article with interview on Kontrakultur (online culture forum and blog).


December 19:
Big illustrated article in City Malmö with one features masquerade from each month of 2014, with my comments and an article.


December 27:
Featured on Awkward Family Photos.

December 30:
Live interview and picture special on live television (Gomorron Sverige, SVT1 national Swedish TV).


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