365 Masquerades – The book (?)

Today I’ve made 59 pages of the (maybe) upcoming 365 Masquerades book! 

If I can have it printed or not depends on what interest there might be from you all. Who would be interested in buying the collection of all the pics from 365 Masquerades in a professionally printed artist book with some 410 pages? It costs quite a bit to have it made, but the number of books will be very limited and hand numbered. 

Also: I’m working on a one-copy-only handmade log book with statistics, anecdotes and ideas connected to the project (middle pic). This book will be part of the upcoming art exhibition in April. 

So, a book – YES, NO? “Yes” meaning you would actually considering buying it even if it costs a bit more than a commercially produced art book. 


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Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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