The Book: It is gonna happen 

Day 356: Me as my dad/My dad as me


Day 025: Me as my mom, with my mom


These two people now makes it possible for me to indeed print the 365 Masquerades Book!

I’m most likely shipping it to be printed early next week and the number of copies will be highly limited. Right now I’m thinking 70 books. The price tag is not set yet as it depends a bit of the number of pages (right now 215 pages would cost around $58 plus shipping, and that about covers what it costs me to produce and ship the book). If you’re really don’t want to miss out you should email book @ Depending on the interest, those who pay in advance will be first in line (I’m sorry about this, but I’m literally ruining myself to do this and that’s why. 365 Masquerades is and has always been a zero budget/100% spare time project.)

The time is nigh for printing so don’t wait if you are interested! I’m hoping to get back to all who emailed/will email me about the book tonight or tomorrow.

And here’s to my parents who not only lent me the money to make the book possible in the first place, but also made amazing guest appearances in the project as seen in these beautiful pictures. 

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Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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