It’s not too late yet!

Secure your own copy of the 365 Masquerades book! The first print is limited to only 70 copies.

Get yourself this beautiful piece of art (no, it’s not an ordinary book!) which contains:
* all 365 characters from 2014
* lots of extra material
* prelogue and epilogue with my own words about the project
* an original, post-printed drawing made uniquily for every single copy
* 216 pages, full color, semi-matte professional photo paper
* each book is numbered 1-70
* 7×7 inches / 18×18 cm
* some 150-180 illustrations (I’m not even sure how many, but they are everywhere)
…and more.

Support your favourite masquerade artist (?)
– order your book today!

500 kr / 58 dollars / 54 euro (plus shipping)
I accept bank transfer or Paypal

Email for your order.

…And don’t wait too long, if you want this book – it will sell out. 🙂



About Gisela

Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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