365 Masquerades book SOLD OUT until further notice!

Dear all,

IMPORTANT message to anyone who: 1. Contacted me about buying a copy of the 365 Masquerades book and 2: recieved information on how to pay BUT: 3: did not pay or did pay but without giving me a notice about it.

Holidays in Sweden means the banks are closed. If you are one of those described above please read the following:

* If you have been transfering money to me in the last few days – but without telling me that you did – PLEASE contact me as soon as possible.

* If you did NOT yet arrange for a payment transfer to me – DON’T do it yet. (I thought I’d never say this!) I must ask you to wait until I know how many/if there are any copies left for sale.

* If you did NOT pay yet but wish to remain a potential buyer – please let me know as soon as possible. Should there be books left for purchase after I got a grip on the situation, I will contact you!

So until further notice, the limited 70 copy edition of the “365 Masquerades” book is SOLD OUT.

(I’m amazed!)

<3 Gisela

About Gisela

Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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