Every day is a masquerade. (Especially on Friday!)

This Friday:
Book release + opening of the 365 Masquerades exhibition!

My book has landed in places like USA, Norway, France, Sweden and Germany. The last “review” came from Germany. Lars is writing:

My idea of having a “brief look” kind of backfired, as I went through the complete book from front to back – in total awe of the depth, beauty, creativity, …
– only to go back from back to front again. To a point the cat was literally staring me down in a mixture of non-understanding what I’m doing there, standing in my kitchen without moving at all for such a long time, and disapproval for ignoring him_her for such a long time. And I already knew the pictures/story through Instagram.

Anyhow, I had like a thousand thoughts (and feelings) I’d love to share, and I could but I also like to get some sleep now and then. It’s precious.

Thank you Lars!


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Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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