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365 Masquerades & The Hellfire Domain wickedly present a night of joy, dance and transformation. Studio Balthasar plays vicious electro swing and boogie twist. Gisela invites you to our on-stage photo booth. Dress up like you dark alter ego! Or come as you are. Enjoy the magic of metamorphosis and swing!

Friday 14 of March 23:00 to 03:00
At Moriska Paviljongen, The Bistro
Free admission until 23:00, after that it’s 100 SEK at the door.

Studio Balthasar (from The Hellfire Domain) and Gisela (from 365 Masquerades) on a joint venture to create a playground for your mischievous Friday adventures.

Music: Electro Swing · Boogie Twist · Jazzy Feet
Dresscode (optional): Your Dark Alter Ego / Whomever You’d Like To Be

Dr Jekyll had his Mr Hyde. The Narrator of Fight Club had his Tyler Durden. What would your dark alter ego be like? Or if you had an evil twin, what would that creature look like? Yes baby, go nuts, dress up! Dress down! Dress sideways. Or just come anyway you like. The theme of this night is YOUR DARK ALTER EGO.

Gisela invites you to take your picture in our on-stage photo booth! And she will bring some of her legendary masquerade skills as well, if you arrive in regular clothes and feel the urge to transform…
And also, dear audience: Get hypnotized by the imagery in the projections! Enjoy some antagonistic Live Metaphor Wrestling! Let Studio Balthasar give you some free sexual advice!

Electro Swing turns jazzy swingy songs from them good ol’ days into upbeat dance tracks. It’s irresistably hip twisting, but bouncing, knee jumping, feet jerking and blood boiling. Studio Balthasar gives you all this, and throws in some boogie twist tunes, for those naughty twisting swirling moves.

This night we also celebrate that 365 Masquerades on this day has fulfilled ONE FIFTH of it’s one year mission to bring imagination and visual inspiration into our lives.

Dive into 365 Masquerades at: and on Instagram @365masquerades – feel free to borrow one of the looks for this extravagant evening!

About Gisela

Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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