The Book, or not The Book

I’m turning 365 Masquerades into an art book. The book is meant to hold all of the 365 characters, extra material, post-project notes, drawings, anecdotes, pre-project thoughts, statistics, press coverage and much more. 

However: Getting it done for real (to actually make physical copies out of a computer file) is expensive, and I have no budget (this is and has always been a project that I’m doing completely on my spare time). Therefore I must see if there is a general interest from people. A full colour, hard cover, some 400 pages thick book is unfortunately going to cost the buyer a bit more than a book from a commercially produced organisation. 

Therefore I have decided to ask those of you who think you sincerely might be interested in buying a copy of this yet-might-to-come art book to send an email to BOOK@365MASQUERADES.COM – absolutely no strings attached at this point! – simply so that I might get an idea of the (huge) work to make a book is worth it. 

Unfortunately I have no price tag for the book at this point, but should there be an interest, I’m going to email you all to give you the details later, and then you might decide whether you want to go ahead or not. 

This is one illustration meant to be in the book, btw. See the character I’m referring to here

Thank you!

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Gisela / born -81 / artist, musician and art educator / Sweden
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