A grungy greeting from Seattle

A greeting from Seattle:

“Here is a photo with the [365 Masquerades] book open to photo 41 of Courtney Love. The house in the background was their house and the bench has become a shrine to Kurt.”

And so, my Courtney Love character got to visit Kurt Cobain’s house. My teenage grunge heart is exploding! Thank you for this picture Renate and Croil!

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The exhibition: Opening!

365 Masquerades the exhibition

Welcome to the book release party and opening of the 365 Masquerades retroactive exhibition TONIGHT: Friday April 24 (@makeriet, Malmö/SWE, 6-10 PM)! 

I just counted the number of exhibited physical as well as digital objects included: 199 – but if you count the 365 characters in the digital projection the number is 564. I’m very proud and happy to soon open the biggest exhibition of my life so far, as well as the very much worthy climax to last year’s masquerades, and if this wasn’t enough: The official 365 Masquerades book release party. This will seriously be a great experience – do show up if you can! 


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Every day is a masquerade. (Especially on Friday!)

This Friday:
Book release + opening of the 365 Masquerades exhibition!

My book has landed in places like USA, Norway, France, Sweden and Germany. The last “review” came from Germany. Lars is writing:

My idea of having a “brief look” kind of backfired, as I went through the complete book from front to back – in total awe of the depth, beauty, creativity, …
– only to go back from back to front again. To a point the cat was literally staring me down in a mixture of non-understanding what I’m doing there, standing in my kitchen without moving at all for such a long time, and disapproval for ignoring him_her for such a long time. And I already knew the pictures/story through Instagram.

Anyhow, I had like a thousand thoughts (and feelings) I’d love to share, and I could but I also like to get some sleep now and then. It’s precious.

Thank you Lars!


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The exhibition: Curating begins NOW

I’m spending my first night (of many) at the gallery (Makeriet, Malmö) to curate the upcoming 365 Masquerades exhibition!



Somehow my “characters” (their costumes and masks anyway) look so different here, compared to surrounded by my apartment. 

This is very exciting, but I have a lot of work ahead of me. 

Apart from these props and costumes, the exhibition will also include:

* Videos with extras and documentation of my 2 h performance (June 14, 2014)

* 57 c-type/Lambda photographs of selected characters

* The 365 Masquerades book 

* Press stuff (articles, interviews and audio)

* All of my 365 characters in a projected slideshow


The VERY LAST 10 books will be sold, amongst a lot of the costumes I made and the photographs too. 

Keep a lookout for the official event, coming soon!

Until then:

Opening: April 24th, 6-10pm

Finissage: May 1st (afternoon-early evening), masquerade themed party and a live performance by myself (in character/s). 


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57 masquerades


My jigsaw puzzle face of Day 309 is the second most liked 365 Masquerades character on Instagram (only 5 likes after the Invisible Hand of Day 363 with its 1605 likes). 

They are both amongst the 57 characters I’ve chosen to be professionally printed* and shown at the upcoming 365 Masquerades exhibition** 

The physical versions of the masquerades are just stunning. And yes, they will all be for sale. For the hardcore collector, the very puzzle piece I made for this picture will be for sale, too… 

I’m excited! The possibility to turn my one year art project 365 Masquerades into not only a book, but an art exhibition as well – It’s purely fantastic. You are all to thank. 


*C-Type/Lambda = exposed and developed on matte photo papers by a lab – no prints! – then mounted on 5mm acid free foamcore. (I take request orders as well, if you can’t make it to the exhibition. Email: book@365masquerades.com)

** At Makeriet Malmö. Grand opening April 24th, until May 3rd, closing party on May 1st with masquerade theme (!) and an improvised live performance by myself.

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The book is here. The Book. Is here!

I am very excited and proud because:

I made a book. 

I actually turned 365 Masquerades into a physical, damn good looking book!

One year ago, I didn’t know if I was to actually make it – the every single day masquerade thing. Although I never doubted my own dedication, inspiration and determinination, ‘anything’ could have happened. 

And here I am. I did in fact make it, and now I made a book and the book arrived today.

And it’s more or less SOLD OUT. 


The first print, 70 books limited edition, is sold out apart from a few copies reserved to be sold during the upcoming 365 Masquerades art exhibition. 

Too many feelings. 

I’ll just stop writing, and post you these fresh pictures of the precious thing instead.  



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365 Masquerades book SOLD OUT until further notice!

Dear all,

IMPORTANT message to anyone who: 1. Contacted me about buying a copy of the 365 Masquerades book and 2: recieved information on how to pay BUT: 3: did not pay or did pay but without giving me a notice about it.

Holidays in Sweden means the banks are closed. If you are one of those described above please read the following:

* If you have been transfering money to me in the last few days – but without telling me that you did – PLEASE contact me as soon as possible.

* If you did NOT yet arrange for a payment transfer to me – DON’T do it yet. (I thought I’d never say this!) I must ask you to wait until I know how many/if there are any copies left for sale.

* If you did NOT pay yet but wish to remain a potential buyer – please let me know as soon as possible. Should there be books left for purchase after I got a grip on the situation, I will contact you!

So until further notice, the limited 70 copy edition of the “365 Masquerades” book is SOLD OUT.

(I’m amazed!)

<3 Gisela

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Only eight books left for online order

There are now only eight (8) books unsold!

(…unless you’re not hoping to buy one of 10 books on sale on site in Malmö, Sweden during the 365 Masquerades exhibition starting April 24th!)

I’m very happy about the enormous interest!
And again – order now if you really want this book. The future may-be second print will not have original unique drawings in it, and will not be limited and numbered as this first print.

Order: book@365masquerades.com

Love from a humble and happy Gisela

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It’s not too late yet!

Secure your own copy of the 365 Masquerades book! The first print is limited to only 70 copies.

Get yourself this beautiful piece of art (no, it’s not an ordinary book!) which contains:
* all 365 characters from 2014
* lots of extra material
* prelogue and epilogue with my own words about the project
* an original, post-printed drawing made uniquily for every single copy
* 216 pages, full color, semi-matte professional photo paper
* each book is numbered 1-70
* 7×7 inches / 18×18 cm
* some 150-180 illustrations (I’m not even sure how many, but they are everywhere)
…and more.

Support your favourite masquerade artist (?)
– order your book today!

500 kr / 58 dollars / 54 euro (plus shipping)
I accept bank transfer or Paypal

Email book@365masquerades.com for your order.

…And don’t wait too long, if you want this book – it will sell out. 🙂



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365 Masquerades, the book

It is done. I’ve made a book. Almost cannot believe it. I’ve worked so hard I’m not sure what day it is.

I’ve sold 24 of the 70 books, and even before it was quite finished. This is amazing. I’m so happy about the great response!

Take a sneak peak – these are all of the spreads.365Masquerades-Book

How to get this book?

The book will be sold during my 365 Masquerades exhibition (April 24th – May 3rd) and so some of the 70 books will be reserved until that time.

There’s still a possibility, however, to purchase the book directly from me. But only until I run out of them. Frankly, I didn’t think this would be a problem, but the interest in buying the book has been greater than I could imagine!

Here are the facts about the book:

The price is $59 dollars / €54 plus shipping.
Unfortunately, I don’t know how much the book weighs until I have it in my hands, so I must get back to you later concerning the cost of the shipping.

For those of you who are wondering about the price – this is what the price per book cost me personally to get printed and shipped from the print shop, and I have done what I can to keep the price down.

This book is something a little more than just an ordinary book though, concidering the limited, signed edition and containing of an original drawing, uniqe for each copy.

More facts:
Size: 18×18 cm / 7×7 inches
Paper: semi-matte photo paper
Pages: 218 in full color
Contents: besides all of the 365 pictures from the project there are extra
material, texts and thoughts, all richly illustrated.

If you are interested, you should email as soon as possible to book@365masquerades.com

Thank you

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Great news.

Amazing news. 

I’ve already sold over 20 of 70 copies of the 365 Masquerades book (that isn’t even finished yet – I’m working day and night!). Another 20 or so are reserved.

And regarding the 365 Masquerades exhibition;

Opening: April 24, Makeriet in Malmö Sweden. Up until May 3. 

Finnisage with masquerade there, and I’ll be performing live as one or more of the characters from the project, on May 1. 

Save the dates folks.

This is a sneak peak of a detail from the book cover. And yes – this is ALL of the 365 characters i created last year.


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The Book: It is gonna happen 

Day 356: Me as my dad/My dad as me


Day 025: Me as my mom, with my mom


These two people now makes it possible for me to indeed print the 365 Masquerades Book!

I’m most likely shipping it to be printed early next week and the number of copies will be highly limited. Right now I’m thinking 70 books. The price tag is not set yet as it depends a bit of the number of pages (right now 215 pages would cost around $58 plus shipping, and that about covers what it costs me to produce and ship the book). If you’re really don’t want to miss out you should email book @ 365masquerades.com. Depending on the interest, those who pay in advance will be first in line (I’m sorry about this, but I’m literally ruining myself to do this and that’s why. 365 Masquerades is and has always been a zero budget/100% spare time project.)

The time is nigh for printing so don’t wait if you are interested! I’m hoping to get back to all who emailed/will email me about the book tonight or tomorrow.

And here’s to my parents who not only lent me the money to make the book possible in the first place, but also made amazing guest appearances in the project as seen in these beautiful pictures. 

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